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Image of Google Pay on phone.
Image of Google Pay on phone.
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

In-app purchases are amazing to implement in your applications. They allow you to make your app freemium, which has been demonstrated as the most effective strategy to make the users want to pay for your app.

Unfortunately, implementing in-app purchases in Android requires a discrete amount of work. And the documentation, as always, is not that simple to understand. This is where the android-inapp-billing-v3 comes into the scene.

To follow this article, you need to have a developer account and access to the Google Play Console.

This Library uses version 2.0.1 of the Google Play Billing Library. If this library…

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Both Motion Layout and Lottie libraries are becoming more and more powerful every day. I personally love them since they are so straightforward, but what would happen if we connected them? Well, this is exactly the scope of this article.

If you haven’t ever heard about Lottie, what you need to know is that Lottie is a library developed by Airbnb, which allows us, developers, to create amazing animations through After Effect and convert them into JSON code. We import this code inside our Android project, and the library will do the trick for us. Awesome, doesn’t it?

If you…

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As time goes by, Material Design is more and more appreciated by people. That’s because the graphic is captivating and really simple to use. On the other hand, sometimes, Google doesn’t help us to implement the Material Design due to the lack of documentation. On the Material Design site, we can find many components, and one of them is the Backdrop. Unfortunately, this component is under development for several years, and there isn’t a release date. The scope of this article is to implement it.

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